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Maybe you want to have lights in your garage or shed. Having a receptacle to plug a tool in out by the pool would be nice for the summer party or maybe you want to have a post light installed by your driveway to help welcome you home. When you need to get electricity to a remote location we have the equipment to get your power where it needs to be!

A Trenching Solution to Scale

On a larger scale, Shafnisky Electric has designed and completed projects that needed to have power reach over ¼ of a mile away without voltage drop!

If your power installation is critical, when trenching it is important to get the electricity below the frost line. This means you want to get your conduit below 36” and if you’re interested in doing the “Cadillac” of trenches you should lay a bed of screenings for the conduit to lay on and install screenings over the conduit. Also, install a magnetic tape roughly 12” below the surface so that you can find this wiring in the future.

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Trenching & Excavation 2

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