Illuminating St. Luke’s Church

The Problem:

An older architectural achievement masked by the darkness of night.

The Solution:

Custom-installed energy-efficient exterior LED lighting fixtures.

St Luke's Church


Shafnisky Electric recognizes what is needed for top quality commercial electrical services. We understand the challenges when dealing with an older commercial building, and we have the expertise to complete the job.

St. Luke’s Church, a building erected more than 120 years ago, was no challenge for us. This thriving congregation located on the main thoroughfare in Allentown, PA needed a modern brilliance.

The Process:

When we began the job, we were presented with an aged stone façade that was jagged and difficult to drill. Our team had to come up with a plan to overcome this obstacle. We needed to mount the heavy light fixtures on a surface that was not flat. First, we used an epoxy system and special drill bits to drill the old stone. Next, we set stainless steel threaded rod to hold the light fixtures. This permitted the lights to sit plumb and be unaffected by the jagged stone front. The epoxy used was researched to ensure it would hold the fixture’s weight. In addition, Shafnisky Electric also upgraded the steeple of the church from High Intensity Discharge (HID) to LED (light emitting diode), further enhancing the exterior of the church from a distance. These LED fixtures produce light more efficiently, resulting in cheaper monthly operating costs of up to 75% than traditional HID lighting.

Getting Ready to Flip the Switch:

Other factors needed to be taken into consideration when dealing with old construction, which is why careful planning and care were used when running the outdoor-rated wiring. Our team decided that when we ran the wiring in the stone’s grout lines it blended in more and was visually appealing. The outcome is that your eyes are attracted to the illumination of the stone instead of the wiring that supplies the power.


At Shafnisky Electric Inc., our team of qualified electricians are up to date on current technology, regulations, and safety measures. When you have a harder than average project, reach out to the professionals at Shafnisky Electric for all of your commercial electrical services.

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