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No matter what your electrical needs, Shafnisky Electric Inc. can help you design and execute a plan that fits your expectations and your budget.

Respecting your time is important to us.
When you call Shafnisky Electric for residential electric service our office staff will ask you about the purpose of your call. If we can help you, they will set up a visit with a member of our team who will come to your home and meet with you to discuss your electrical needs and options. By allowing us to help you this way, together we can find solutions that work best for you and your home.

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When our team members come to begin your project you can expect them to be punctual, courteous, and able to answer any questions you may have. We also pride ourselves on our cleanliness. Not only will you not have to clean up a mess after we leave, but our technicians will wear booties so as to not leave footprints. Often times, when installing delicate lighting fixtures, they wear medical gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints on your new fixtures.

Residential Services 1Looking to rewire a single room or your entire house? Shafnisky Electric can help!

Home renovations, especially in kitchens or laundry rooms, typically means moving appliances to improve convenience. Contact Shafnisky Electric to help determine your electrical needs and plan your project.

Older homes are beautiful, but typically need to be rewired to bring them up to code. Some insurance companies require that all knob & tube wiring be removed while others only require that it is removed from all accessible areas, like attics and basements. At Shafnisky Electric, we specialize in replacing knob & tube wiring.

60-amp electrical service used to be the standard but now most local code requires a 100-amp electrical service and most homes need 100-amps or 200-amps to power all of today’s electrical needs.

Why upgrade your electrical service?
Upgrading your service can bring your home up to current electrical code and increase the value of your home when it is time to sell. Out-of-date panels can cause damage to electrical equipment in your home, dimming lights throughout your house, tripping breakers and even starting fires. Upgrading to increase your electrical service gives you room for all of your current electrical needs as well as providing for any future needs you may have. The price difference between a 100-amp and a 200-amp electrical service upgrade is minimal, as the labor costs are the same, so it may be more cost-effective to upgrade to 200-amp.

During your free consultation, we can discuss your electrical service needs and you can choose the best option for your situation. Contact Shafnisky Electric to schedule your free consultation today.

Residential Services 2Knob and tube wiring is generally safe and if it has been properly installed and maintained it does not pose an imminent danger to your family or your home. Knob and tube wiring is not permitted in any current construction. Most of the danger that comes from knob and tube wiring is because of improperly installed insulation around the wiring. Some local codes mandate that the old wiring be replaced with new Romex-type wire when you do a service upgrade or list your house for sale. Typically the requirement of removal is only for accessible locations, such as a basement without a ceiling.

Many homes that have knob and tube wiring lack the electrical capacity to power a home with all of today’s modern conveniences.
Knob and tube wiring should not be used in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, powder rooms or outdoors because it cannot be properly grounded, as there is no ground wire.

If you have questions about knob and tube wiring in your home, one of our electricians can walk through your home to safety check your wiring and make recommendations about the current state of the wiring or any work that could or should be done to keep your home and family safe.

As a precaution we recommend that you check your homeowner’s policy to ensure that your house is properly covered in the event that the wiring was at fault in the event of a claim.

Residential Services 3We take the lighting challenges in your home or office and create stunning solutions.

In your home, the right lighting can highlight artwork or keepsakes on a dark shelf, brighten up dark stairways, and even set the mood or make your space feel more cozy.

In an office environment, improper lighting creates eye strain and can negatively affect productivity. We custom design your lighting to suit your business and maximize efficiency in your office.

Whether you’re looking for ambient or accent lighting, Shafnisky Electric can design a custom solution to fit your needs.

Most existing TV cable is RG59 but today’s digital cable runs best on RG6 Quad shield cable. We can install phone jacks and TV jacks for your digital TV so that all cables are hidden as well as installing jacks in rooms that currently have none.

Contact Shafnisky Electric to learn how we can help you with your project needs.

Take the frustration out of installing your computer network and trust the professionals with Shafnisky Electric.
Our years of experience will help you determine the best way to set up your computer network. Transfer files, trade music or share photos throughout your network with ease.

We install wired or wireless networks for residential homes and offices throughout Northeast Pennsylvania. Working in both plenum and non-plenum ceilings, we can even handle cabling bundles for phone, television and Internet.

Shafnisky Electric is Leviton certified for installation methods and practices.

If you have an electrical problem that you can’t solve, from loss of power to computer networking issues, give us a call. Troubleshooting is our forte, especially in older homes.

Residential Services 4Generators can be the solution to your power loss problems.

When choosing the generator to meet your needs one of the first decisions is if you want to have a manual generator or automatic generator.

Manual Generators
Manual generator installations are cheaper and can provide power up to around 17.5-kw. This type of installation consists of installing an outdoor receptacle that your generator would plug in to. The customer would go to the main electrical panel or the generator panel, and by using a generator interlock kit the auxillary breaker can turn on and allow the power to flow from the generator into the panel providing power to your critical loads.

The generator itself can be stored away when not in use and if you sell your home you can bring this generator with you quite easily.

Most portable generators are gasoline fueled and will provide you with around four-hours of run time depending on the electrical load and size of gas tank. We recommend a generator that has an automatic idle control which controls the generator’s output to match what your electrical load is demanding. This will not only save on wear and tear on your generator but it will save you fuel too.

One down side to the manual generator is that you have to refuel the generator when you run out of gas, which means you need to store gasoline somewhere you can access it. Also, you have to think about the generator running out of gas in the middle of the night – multiple times! Some people get lazy and I’ve heard stories of people fueling the generators while still running. Remember to let the generator cool down completely per the manufacturer’s specifications before refueling. Gasoline is highly flammable and extremely dangerous when around heat!

Automatic Generators
Automatic generator installations have a lot of convenient options and typically start around 8-kw and and are permanently installed on site. The generators can run up to over 600-kw. Most residential generators come with either LP (liquid propane) or NG (natural gas) while some of the larger models are diesel fuel. There are considerations that will come into play with this installation such as local codes and guidelines for a safe and proper installation. You want to work with a qualified electrical contractor that is aware of not only the National Electrical Code and International Residential Code but your local codes as well!

The automatic generators will automatically sense when you lose power and will turn themselves on. They will make the transfer to emergency power in your transfer switch automatically and will even sense when power is restored. The generator will transfer back to utility power and then after cooling down will go back into standby mode. These generators will run a 15-minute exercise every week (can be customized) to keep the fluids fresh and the battery charged. There are options available that will send you results of the tests weekly to your e-mail so that you know your house is ready for an emergency.

These installations are great for people that aren’t home often or if you want to have your family protected when you can’t be at home.

Shafnisky Electric will help you choose the right generator for your home and install it for hassle free operation.

Residential Services 5Shafnisky Electric utilizes the latest technologies in remote lighting control for convenience, flair and to help you keep your family safe.

Turn on lights from miles away when you’re on your way home from work to avoid walking into a dark house. Easily turn on the lights for your kids when they’re coming home late from a part-time job or after-school activities. Quickly turn on lights before you ever get out of bed if you hear a noise in the middle of the night.

Remote lighting control can also offer convenience for reading in bed at night. Simply hit the remote to change the lighting or turn off the lights when you’re done.

Add some pizzazz to your family movie nights with remote control lighting when you want to change the lighting or dim the lights to start the movie.

When you make the investment in your landscaping or your deck/patio why not design lighting to show off your investment and so you can enjoy your investment at night time as well as show off to your neighbors! There are a lot of decisions to be made but Shafnisky Electric can provide you the guidance you need to help streamline your project and save you time. One of the first decisions is to decide if you want low-voltage LED or line-voltage lighting.

Low-Voltage LED Lighting – Pros & Cons:

  • Typically 12-24-volt.
  • Typically safer than line voltage.
  • More expensive light fixture cost but Less labor time for installation because the wire can be buried as low as six inches.
  • Most popular install for residential applications.
  • Fixtures can be much smaller than line-voltage.
  • Many more options and possibilities for those “unique” or “hard-to-reach” projects.
  • More energy efficient than most installations. Saves on your electric bill and maintenance.

Line-voltage Lighting – Pros & Cons:

  • Typically 120-volt.
  • Less expensive light fixture cost but more labor time for installation because the wire needs to be buried a minimum of twelve inches.
  • Maintenance can be as easy as simply replacing a defective light bulb.
  • More lighting options available for the same fixture because the lamps are interchangeable.
  • Higher wattages are available for line-voltage fixtures.

Up-lighting, down-lighting, shadowing, silhouetting, wall washing and moonlighting are some terms used when designing the installation for your project. Not every lighting technique will be used on every project but when designed properly your project will “pop” at night!

Technology has come a long way and you have a lot of options on the controller for your landscape lighting. Time clocks are pretty standard but there are small wall box controls that give you more options such as independent seven-day operation with individual on/off times for each day. You can install controls that you can have access from your phone/tablet from anywhere you have internet access.

When you are ready to set up an appointment to review your project please call our office to set up a consultation.

Residential Services 6NuTone provides products such as bathroom exhaust fans, range hoods, ceiling fans, central vacuum systems, doorbells, intercom systems, home entertainment systems, and medicine cabinets.

Shafnisky Electric Inc. is the only authorized repair center within a 60-mile radius. We are experts at troubleshooting, repairing, replacing or upgrading your NuTone system.

Some of our most common requests are to add additional central vacuum jacks to finished basements or third floors for your convenience, and to install additional intercom speakers such as outdoor speakers for entertaining. Shafnisky Electric Inc. can help you update your home to your desired specifications.

Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or simply completing a routine inspection of your business, Shafnisky Electric can assist you with your code violation repairs.

Code violations have the potential to be serious and highly hazardous. In many cases, a homeowner has either attempted to do the work themselves or hired an unlicensed electrician in an effort to save money. Since National Electrical Codes are updated every 4 years, they likely don’t even know they have violated the code.

Some of the most common code violation repairs include:

  • Converting fuses to breakers
  • Non-grounded receptacles
  • GFCI protection
  • AFI protection
  • Inappropriate outdoor receptacles
  • Wires too close to framing
  • Inadequate space around recessed lights

Contact Shafnisky Electric for help with your code violation repairs.

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