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Innovative Smart Home Solutions

The evolution of the smart home has revolutionized our industry over the past five years, but is your home setup correctly? Shafnisky Electric can wire your home to incorporate smart technology so you can enjoy all the conveniences of a fully automated, remote-controlled home!

Modern technology allows your family to have peace of mind knowing that they can look out for your home, even when you are away. You can ensure your lights are turned off, doors are closed and locked and your alarm is on – even from the beach or as you are driving to the mountains!

Lighting control systems do not require the use of complicated software programs and do not require rewiring when standard residential/commercial wiring is already in place.

Why Smart Home Automation?

  • Fast and reliable automation for added comfort and peace of mind

  • Save time & reduce your energy costs

  • Voice and app control

  • Connects with your favorite voice control device

Smart Home Technology 2

We Work With:

  • Lutron

  • Alexa

  • HomeKit

  • Google Home

  • Sonos

  • RadioRA

Getting Started is Simple

Typically, the first step to a smart-home installation is by upgrading your lighting to LED light bulbs. LED stands for “light-emitting diode,” and they work differently than a traditional light bulb in that they do not burn out as often. Best of all, LED lights require significantly less electricity so why not start with this so that your finances start reaping the reward! LED lights and can be retrofitted in most homes.

Smart lighting is also convenient to operate. Users can set their home’s lighting to timers so that they will not be left in the dark again! Smart home applications even have a “vacation mode,” which deters potential thieves by turning lights on and off at random times as if someone were home.

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Under Cabinet Lighting

The Smart Choice for Home Lighting

Automation systems like Lighting and Climate Control can manage your home or business lighting by a set schedule, motion detection, door openings, sunrise, sunset, alarm activation and more! Enjoy the benefits of a sophisticated lighting control system by setting scenes, fades, and dimming levels for each room or for the whole house.

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