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If you’re looking for the best residential electrical services in Center Valley, PA, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve served the Lehigh County area for over 35 years and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Our community means a lot to us, so we offer as many electrical services as possible. Whether you want an EV smart charger for your new car or a full rewiring of your home, Shafnisky Electric is here to ensure a safe and effective transition.

We Offer The Following Superior Electrical
Services To Center Valley, PA

Breaker box up close with wiring

Service Upgrades

A service upgrade may be a choice for you to make the most of your power source or be a mandatory move due to a code violation. Codes are updated regularly, sometimes prohibiting the use of anything under a certain amperage. That’s why working with a certified electrician is important when considering upgrades.

60-100 Amp

Systems that are 60 to 100 amps are usually outdated and don’t cost much less than the upgraded systems. But in certain cases, they’re just what you need.

200 Amp

The 200 amp systems are the general residential standard. When we upgrade your home, chances are, we’ll offer something in this range as the ideal amperage.

600 Amp

The 600 amp systems are usually reserved for large homes or commercial service upgrades. Call us to discuss which option is right for you.

Electrician in tee working on residential generator outside

Automatic Standby Generators

Automatic standby generators are specialized generators with a great range of sizes and fuel options. These machines will automatically test themselves every week and send you the results, so you always know they are working properly.


Commercial generators are lifesavers, or rather, money-savers. They work in a pinch during an emergency when you have customers to serve and work to do that relies on electrical power.


We have both manual and automatic generators for homeowners in Center Valley, PA. The automatic standby generator is a favorite of ours because it turns on when your power goes out. They can run up to 100kw for a large residential service making them powerhouses that will keep your home running long after a blackout.

Silver car charging with ev charger on wood wall

Electric Vehicle Charging Setup

Did you get a new electrical vehicle and want your own charger? We offer charging setups in both residential and commercial settings. We have a team of experts who know all there is to know about Tesla, Ford, BMW, and Bosch EVs.

Red electrical box on fire on side of concrete wall

24 Hour Emergency Service

No matter what time of day or night an emergency strikes, someone from Shafnisky Electric is on call to take care of you. During business hours, someone will answer the phone as expected. After hours, you will reach our voicemail and be asked to dial 30.

This takes you to our emergency service, where someone will return your call within 30 minutes, likely much sooner. Then, a member of our team will be sent your way as soon as possible.

Electrician in white hard hat working on wiring up close


Home wiring may be what you imagine when you think of an electrical service company, and thankfully, we do that, too. It’s where we began and a service we’ll always offer our customers in Center Valley.

Standard Rewiring

Standard rewiring includes whole-home rewiring. This entails removing all old, outdated, and dangerous wiring in your home and replacing it with new, updated wiring. This may even include an electrical panel upgrade.

Blank billboard with sky in background

Billboard Lighting

Billboards are still one of the best ways to advertise your local business. Shafnisky Electric has decades of experience working with LED systems to illuminate billboards in Lehigh County 24 hours a day.

Smart Home

Smart home wiring is an example of how we keep up with the newest technology. With this new technology, we can transform your home into a large device controlled by your phone. This way, you can turn your lights off, close doors, and so much more from anywhere in the world.

Someone with gloves wiring a light switch

The Shafnisky Electric Process

How We Deliver Exceptional
Service To Our Customers

From Humble Beginnings

Tom Shafnisky began Shafnisky Electric with just one person – himself. He worked one-on-one with customers using his personal toolset. Today, the team has grown substantially and greatly broadened the service area. But the core values remain.

Everyone Matters

From our apprentices to our top customers, every human we work with matters to us. We treat them with respect, dignity, and care. Because we’re all getting through life together and never know someone’s whole story – so why not do what we can and be kind?

Master Electrician

Our leader, Tom, maintains his Master’s Electrician’s License, the highest possible license an electrician can get. Each member that works on your home stays up to date under Tom’s guidance to ensure they know the codes, practices, and latest technology to benefit you.

Our Warranty

We offer a two-year warranty on almost all labor and materials provided by Shafnisky Electric. If you have any problems within the first year after we serve you, call us, and we’ll fix them at no charge to you.

Shafnisky Electric Reviews

What Our Customers Say

Michael Ross

We Would Recommend Them

We here at Ross Body & Frame Works, Inc. use Shafnisky Electric for all of our company needs. They are very professional and provide fast, reliable service. We would recommend them for any electrical needs whether it is your personal home or your office.

Brad C.

Highly Recommend Shafnisky Electric

I have been involved with commercial construction for 31 years as a union carpenter, foreman, supervisor, estimator & project manager. From my first phone call to Shafnisky Electric, until the work was completed, it was the smoothest contractor experience I ever had. I highly recommend Shafnisky Electric!

Sean B.

Thanks Shafnisky

Tom and his team always go above and beyond for any project we give them. Jenna and the office team are always responsive and very clear about scheduling. Steve and Bob in the field provided exceptional service and got the job done right. Thanks guys!

5 Questions Lehigh County Homeowners
Ask About Shafnisky Electric

Can You Coordinate With My Gas Or Fuel Company When Installing My New Generator?

We always recommend a company we trust to complete the gas or fuel section of a generator installation, but we leave the final decision up to the customer. If you choose to work with an outside company, you would be responsible for scheduling gas and fuel services.

Can You Upgrade My Knob & Tube Wiring?

Absolutely! Although the process can be quite tedious and time-consuming, we are experts at upgrading Lehigh Valley homes and businesses from knob and tube wiring to safer, more efficient electrical systems.

Do I Need To Upgrade My Electrical Service To Have An EV Charger Installed?

With the invention of smart panels and load-shedding panels, upgrading your entire electrical system may not always be necessary. We have the expertise to prioritize your electrical service using smart home technology to assign priority levels, such as priority 3 for water heaters, priority 2 for cooking appliances, and priority 1 for electric vehicle chargers. This ensures that your car is ready for work tomorrow without overwhelming your electrical system.

Do You Offer Any Other Services Other Than Electrical Such As Plumbing Or HVAC?

No, we do not. As a company focused on providing our customers with top-tier services, we choose to focus solely on electrical solutions for the Lehigh Valley and Northern New Jersey. Be sure to check back later; we are always expanding the scope of our skill set.

Do You Provide Your Own Trenches Or Excavation Equipment?

We always use in-house equipment when we take on electrical projects that require trenching or excavation services. If we need an extra set of hands or vehicle, we have a secondary trusted crew of professionals from the Lehigh Valley area on standby, ready to give assistance.

How Do I Know If I Need After-Hour Emergency Electrical Service?

Not sure? Give us a call! We will troubleshoot over the phone for free to save you money and time, and we can even suggest options before our workers come in the morning during normal working hours. Our emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How High In The Air Can You Install, Replace, Or Rewire Signs & Lighting In North Jersey & PA?

When it comes to installing billboards, signs, and lighting designs high in the air, there’s no limit to how high we will work. We have worked over 120 feet in the past but have the equipment to go further.

I Have Knob & Tube Wiring, Do I Need To Rewire My Entire Lehigh Valley Home?

While it may not be mandatory in the state of Pennsylvania to upgrade from knob and tube wiring. It is essential to comply with local municipality codes when it comes to electrical requirements. Rather than requiring your entire home to be updated, bringing it up to code is often sufficient.

What Size Generator Should I Have Installed?

Our electrical experts determine the perfect size generator for your home or business based on many individual factors. These factors include the size of the space needing energy, which appliances or systems will run off the generator, local permitting regulations and code requirements, and so on.

When Should I Get An Electric Service Quote To Inspect My Lehigh Valley Home Or Business?

If you ever have doubts about your electrical system's safety or integrity, call us! Our quotes are quick and free, and will get to the bottom of your electrical problems with long-term solutions. It never hurts to be informed and prepared!

24/7 Emergency Electrical Service

If you need minor repairs, a full rewiring job, a charging system installed, or immediate electrical help in the Lehigh Valley and NW New Jersey areas, Shafnisky Electric is your best bet. We give you straight answers and expert solutions at a fair price. No gimmicks. No games. Just pure professionalism served with a smile.