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Upgrade Your Whitehall, PA Home With
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Our Quality Residential Electrical
Services Ensure Your Home Is
Safe & Up To Code

When needing reliable residential electrical services in Whitehall, PA finding the right team can be difficult. Many electricians offer the lowest price or the fastest service, but few can match the quality of Shafnisky Electric.

We’ve been in business for over 35 years, and we’ve seen it all. We have helped thousands of homeowners with our residential electrical services, ensuring your home is safe and up to electrical code standards.

From us, quality is not only expected but ingrained into everything we do. Shafnisky Electric always puts our best foot forward when serving you. You can rest assured knowing your residential electrical needs will be handled by the best.

We Have Become Whitehall, PA’s Go-To Team
For Residential Electrical Services!

Electrician from Shafnisky Electric resetting electrical breaker in Whitehall, PA home

Service Upgrades

Our team can help you completely upgrade your entire electrical system. And not only do we take care of the installation, but we can also help with the planning process. Upgrading your home’s electrical system is easy with Shafnisky Electric!

New yellow automatic standby generator installed by Shafnisky Electric in Whitehall, PA

Automatic Standby Generators – Residential

You never know when you might find yourself in an electrical emergency. Weather can easily knock out your power for an entire day or even longer. Luckily, Shafnisky Electric offers automatic standby generators to keep your family safe.

Close up of electrical vehicle charging station in Whitehall, PA by Shafnisky Electric

Electric Vehicle Charging Setup

If you’d like to make the transition to an electric vehicle, Shafnisky Electric makes it easy. Our electric vehicle charging setups are quick and easily integrated into your home’s electrical system.

Large white commercial standby generator for business in Whitehall, PA by Shafnisky Electric

Automatic Standby Generators – Commercial

In case of an emergency, Whitehall, PA, business owners need a powerful automatic standby generator to keep their business operating. Luckily, Shafnisky Electric can help. We can easily provide you with an automatic standby generator to keep your business running.

Shafnisky Electric electrician servicing a fuse box on a Whitehall, PA home

24-Hour Emergency Service

You never know when your electrical system might give up on you. You could be left without power at a moment’s notice. But happily, Shafnisky Electric will be there no matter the hour. We’ll easily restore your home’s power at any time, as soon as possible.

Close up view of new smart home system in Whitehall, PA home by Shafnisky Electric

Smart Home Wiring

Whitehall, PA, homeowners looking to take their homes into the modern era have come to the right place. Our smart home wiring services can make your home feel fresh and new. You’ll never want to go back to an ordinary electrical system again.

Close up of new home construction in Whitehall, PA with new electrical outlet box by Shafnisky Electric

Whole House Rewiring

If your electrical system can’t keep up with your needs, it might be time for a change. And the Shafnisky Electric team is here to help. We provide whole-house rewiring services to all.

New lighting on blank billboard in Whitehall, PA by Shafnisky Electric

Billboard Lighting

No matter the kind of billboard you might need for your Whitehall, PA business, we’ve got you covered. We’re experienced with all scales and types of billboard lighting. Whether you need a new installation or a repair for an existing billboard, let us be your go-to team.

Shafnisky Electric electrician installing new wall outlet in Whitehall, PA home

Our Residential Electrical Services Have Improved
The Lives Of Our Community For 35 Years

You Can Rely On Us For All Of Your
Electrical Needs In Whitehall, PA

For over 35 years, Shafnisky Electric has proudly served Whitehall, PA homeowners. Our success is largely due to our unwavering commitment to excellence and long-standing core values.

Our Professionalism

When you choose to work with Shafnisky Electric, you are choosing a team of pure professionals. Crystal-clear communication, efficient work, and clean equipment and workspace are just a few things you can expect from us.

Our Attention To Detail

At Shafnisky Electric, we understand that just a single mistake can completely throw off an entire project. So we never make that first mistake. We place a high priority on perfection. And we never settle for less.

Our Customer-First Core Values

Shafnisky Electric was built on the foundation of bringing positive change to Lehigh County. We’re not in this for the money. We’re in this to make a long-lasting, impactful change in our community.

Our Safe, Efficient Products

At Shafnisky Electric, we never skimp on quality to save a few bucks. We only use high-quality, safe, and efficient electrical products. This ensures that your home’s electrical system is future-proof.

Whitehall, PA Homeowners Love Our Work!

See What They’re Saying About Us Here

For the past 35 years, we’ve made it our mission to make a long-lasting, positive impression on every customer we serve. And while our work can definitely speak for itself, we’d love for you to read some of our community reviews.

Jenn I.

I Can’t Thank Them Enough

Shafnisky is at it again!!! I would not recommend ANYONE other than Shafnisky for electrical needs. This is the third time in a matter of a year that Shafnisky has come to the rescue of not only my parents, but also to both sets of my elderly grandparents. I can't thank them enough for the thorough work they have completed for my family members and the peace of mind they have given us. HIGHLY recommend!

Jenna H.

Simple And Smooth

We had some outlets replaced and a light fixture hung in our kitchen. Every part of this project was simple and smooth, from calling the office to schedule an estimate to the technicians coming out and completing the work. I would highly recommend Shafnisky Electric to anyone looking for a great company and quality work.

Andrea S.

Excellent Service

Thank you for the excellent service. Everyone was very polite and knowledgeable. The work was completed timely, and everything was cleaned up afterward. I will definitely use Shafnisky Electric in the future and recommend you to my friends.

Whitehall, PA Homeowner’s Most Frequently
Asked Residential Electrical Services
Questions To Shafnisky Electric

Can You Coordinate With My Gas Or Fuel Company When Installing My New Generator?

We always recommend a company we trust to complete the gas or fuel section of a generator installation, but we leave the final decision up to the customer. If you choose to work with an outside company, you would be responsible for scheduling gas and fuel services.

Can You Upgrade My Knob & Tube Wiring?

Absolutely! Although the process can be quite tedious and time-consuming, we are experts at upgrading Lehigh Valley homes and businesses from knob and tube wiring to safer, more efficient electrical systems.

Do I Need To Upgrade My Electrical Service To Have An EV Charger Installed?

With the invention of smart panels and load-shedding panels, upgrading your entire electrical system may not always be necessary. We have the expertise to prioritize your electrical service using smart home technology to assign priority levels, such as priority 3 for water heaters, priority 2 for cooking appliances, and priority 1 for electric vehicle chargers. This ensures that your car is ready for work tomorrow without overwhelming your electrical system.

Do You Offer Any Other Services Other Than Electrical Such As Plumbing Or HVAC?

No, we do not. As a company focused on providing our customers with top-tier services, we choose to focus solely on electrical solutions for the Lehigh Valley and Northern New Jersey. Be sure to check back later; we are always expanding the scope of our skill set.

Do You Provide Your Own Trenches Or Excavation Equipment?

We always use in-house equipment when we take on electrical projects that require trenching or excavation services. If we need an extra set of hands or vehicle, we have a secondary trusted crew of professionals from the Lehigh Valley area on standby, ready to give assistance.

How Do I Know If I Need After-Hour Emergency Electrical Service?

Not sure? Give us a call! We will troubleshoot over the phone for free to save you money and time, and we can even suggest options before our workers come in the morning during normal working hours. Our emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How High In The Air Can You Install, Replace, Or Rewire Signs & Lighting In North Jersey & PA?

When it comes to installing billboards, signs, and lighting designs high in the air, there’s no limit to how high we will work. We have worked over 120 feet in the past but have the equipment to go further.

I Have Knob & Tube Wiring, Do I Need To Rewire My Entire Lehigh Valley Home?

While it may not be mandatory in the state of Pennsylvania to upgrade from knob and tube wiring. It is essential to comply with local municipality codes when it comes to electrical requirements. Rather than requiring your entire home to be updated, bringing it up to code is often sufficient.

What Size Generator Should I Have Installed?

Our electrical experts determine the perfect size generator for your home or business based on many individual factors. These factors include the size of the space needing energy, which appliances or systems will run off the generator, local permitting regulations and code requirements, and so on.

When Should I Get An Electric Service Quote To Inspect My Lehigh Valley Home Or Business?

If you ever have doubts about your electrical system's safety or integrity, call us! Our quotes are quick and free, and will get to the bottom of your electrical problems with long-term solutions. It never hurts to be informed and prepared!

24/7 Emergency Electrical Service

If you need minor repairs, a full rewiring job, a charging system installed, or immediate electrical help in the Lehigh Valley and NW New Jersey areas, Shafnisky Electric is your best bet. We give you straight answers and expert solutions at a fair price. No gimmicks. No games. Just pure professionalism served with a smile.